As the digital mine becomes a reality, there is an increasing dependence on hardware, software and networking solutions to realize the productivity gains and cost reductions that are central to digitization efforts. Underground mining operations take place in high-stress and hazardous environments that pose significant challenges to personnel, equipment and communication networks. Physical impact during operations can potentially damage equipment and other utilities such as underground internet connectivity due to impact on wireless access points. As mines become larger and deeper, they are subject to physical data transfer constraints as equipment that captures critical production data is often outside of infrastructure-driven internet access for long periods of time. However, the ability to reliably store and quickly transfer production and operational data in near real-time data from assets across geographically dispersed locations is an essential requisite for safe working and production control in mining operations. It facilitates improved decision-making by providing the right people with the right data at the right time. Lack of Wi-Fi coverage and degraded cellular networks in underground mines are roadblocks in facilitating this quick data exchange to a control center.

Krishna Kunam, CTO rapidBizApps, presented his views on managing mobile workflows in construction, mining, and energy at Couchbase Connect Silicon Valley 2017. We bring to you highlights from his talk around the connectivity challenge in mining today and a possible solution that involves the setup of peer-to-peer networks.


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    Solution to The Connectivity Challenge in Mining

    Given the dynamic nature of mining environments, infrastructure-based networking solutions alone are not likely to solve the connectivity challenge. In such a scenario, peer-to-peer networks are extremely valuable. Such networks leverage the dynamism of the mining environment where multiple pieces of tablet-equipped machinery are constantly moving past each other, to quickly transfer data to the control center, where it can be interpreted and used effectively for operational assessments and responses to safety threats.

    Vendors such as rapidBizApps, with experience in a suite of solutions that incorporate peer-to-peer, are in an excellent position to help digitize your mine and drive transformational results. Get in touch to see how our offerings can benefit your business.

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