Mobile fleet maintenance software

Tired of missing inspections? Lack of data on fleet inspections? Cannot track expenses? Difficulty tracking assets? Difficult to up-sell parts or services? We've got you covered! Introducing rapidInspect - Our smart fleet maintenance software solves all your inspection problems, drives compliance, ensures 100 percent up-time, and even opens up new channels of revenue. The Result: Optimum fleet performance, more profits.
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Meet your goals

We understand what you need and we put that into rapidInspect's design. By switching to a convenient, easy to use mobile fleet management software solution, you are powering yourselves and your team to solve complex challenges with fleet inspections and meet organizational goals all the time.


Track and manage inspections from anywhere


Create a customized digital process for your entire team


Empower technicians to conduct effective inspections


Get your machines running at 100 percent up-time

What's inside rapidInspect

The features that enable 100% equipment uptime


Supervisors can simply drag and drop inspection requests to technician schedules either on their desktop computers in the office or on their mobile apps on the move. Technicians are notified about upcoming inspections, and can also get a full overview of their schedule. Everyone on the team is on the same page. Managing inspection projects is a breeze with rapidInspect.

Workflow manager

We understand that with experience, personnel have built expertise with fleet inspections. rapidInspect allows you you channel this expertise into a streamlined processes. Use the workflow builder to define steps that your technicians need to perform before they move to the next stage of the inspection process.

Form builder

The form builder is a powerful easy to drag tool using which supervisors or inspection team leads can allow technicians to capture necessary information, upload media, and ensure your inspections are top-notch and up to date. Never miss compliance at any step with rapidInspect's form builder.

Synchronization engine

Learn all the equipment at a client work site, their service contracts and spare part updates in one convenient easy-to-view format with rapidInspect. Never miss details, never miss opportunities.

How rapidInspect works with your systems

We built rapidInspect for quick deployment and for use in all types of work environments. rapidInspect can be fully customized to fit your business processes. Drop us a message to discuss your requirements.

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