rapidInspect Product Update 3.8.0

Introducing rapidInspect 3.8.0

San Jose, California July 16, 2019

rapidInspect is a digital inspection app built on the premise that safety goes far beyond compliance. Not only does rapidInspect automatically produce MSHA compliant records, but it also has fully integrated safety shares and geographic hazard tracking to promote widespread safety culture in the workplace. We’ve just released new updates to rapidInspect, to help Mining, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing companies, get even more done with workplace inspections and safety.

Force Sync

Force Sync: The AI-based algorithm waits until there is sufficient bandwidth before it starts syncing with the server. So under certain circumstances, a user can force a SYNC and keep themselves updated round the clock with the help of new feature “Force Sync”.

Custom Lists

Custom Lists: This feature lets admin create their custom lists and add them as a field to the forms that he/she is going to create, to manage the assets effectively and improve business efficiency.

Dynamic Sections

Dynamic Sections: Users can add multiple sections to provide more information.

Inspection Reminders

Inspections Reminder: Notifies users of the team with “Reminders” of an inspection scheduled by admin on rapidInspect Mobile App.

Fixing Hazards on the Web App

Fix Hazard on the web: Supervisors and Managers can update and save the status of all active hazards on the site by navigating to the particular active hazard form on a web panel.

Scheduling & Assigning Inspections

Scheduling and Assigning Inspections: Supervisors and Managers can set schedules for an inspection while creating an inspection form and assign them to the operators. He/she can also reschedule or edit the inspection schedules. Operators get reminders to perform their tasks as per the set schedules.

Custom Lists/Assets (Dependent Fields)

Custom Lists/Assets (Dependent Fields): Supervisors and Managers can create their custom lists and add them as a field to the forms that he/she is going to create, to manage the assets effectively and improve business efficiency. This new field takes a group of items as user input and feeds the form with that group whenever the user adds that field to a form.

About rapidBizApps

rapidBizApps (rBA) is the leading provider of Productivity and Safety Software for Mining, Oil &Gas and Manufacturing companies. A privately held company in the heart of Silicon Valley, rBA harnesses the power of mobile computing to build workforce apps that accelerate its customers’ digital transformation. rBA partners with some of the world’s largest companies to help them streamline operations, cut costs, and work smarter. rBA’s customers include Barrick, Lhoist, Epiroc, and other large companies in the mining sector. Designed for iOS, Android and Windows devices, rBA Apps and Software use the latest AI/ML based analytics, integrate with enterprise software such as OSIsoft PI, SAP and Oracle, and leverage cloud-based infrastructures. rBA is an Amazon Technical Partner.

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