Collin Rodgers uses rapidInspect by rapidBizApps to perform Health & Safety inspections at Lhoist’s plants
Collin Rodgers uses rapidInspect by rapidBizApps to perform Health & Safety inspections at Lhoist’s plants

Lhoist deploys rapidInspect by rapidBizApps for digital site Health & Safety audits and compliance.

San Jose, CA. Nov 27, 2018

rapidBizApps has announced that rapidInspect has been deployed at Lhoist to facilitate site safety audits. Usage of the digital-inspection mobile app, which increases automation, offers predictive analytics, and saves time, will be expanded to additional Lhoist sites throughout the United States.

“The goal of the program was to mimic an MSHA inspection with the type, style, and language of documentation that a field enforcement agent would provide a mine operator,” said Lhoist Regional Safety Manager Collin Rogers, who provided the specifications for the rapidInspect configuration.

How rapidInspect works

Using a mobile phone or tablet, Health & Safety personnel, Miners and/or their Supervisors perform a site inspection to identify hazards or areas that need improvement. Users can take photographs using a mobile device to supplement inspections. The user classifies each item for reporting, and the system automatically generates reports. Each hazard or condition is seamlessly communicated to site personnel accountable for taking corrective actions.

To customize the reports, Mr. Rogers worked closely with rBA. “With rapidInspect, I now have an auditing platform that allows me to focus on leading statistical indicators to predict areas of vulnerability and the facility to do so by location, subpart, specific standards and other attributes to reduce overall risk and limit MSHA citation vulnerability while reducing the time spent on data entry and analysis. The system enables us to not only identify potential citations but also can provide safety suggestions and, soon, best practices. It helps us address points of vulnerability extremely well.”

Providing the data for auditors to review allows Lhoist to detect trends that must be corrected. Identifying these trends allows mining companies to take preventative measures to improve the safety of working environments.

Automation confers additional benefits. “The application allows me to spend more time in the field, performing inspections, and interacting with the workforce,” Mr. Rogers said. “I conservatively estimate that the post-audit data entry and analysis time has been reduced by 75%.”

“Our vision is to see every mine digitized, where every miner is connected, informed, and empowered with data to make the right decisions and actions that lead to a more efficient operation and a safer work environment. Our mission is to provide mining operations with a portfolio of solutions that help mines achieve this shared vision of a data-driven, highly efficient and safer mine” says Satish Penmetsa, CEO of rapidBizApps.

“While rapidBizApps has off-the-shelf products to help mines and aggregates accelerate their digital transformation, the ability to configure and customize those products to seamlessly integrate to fit each customer’s needs is crucial for mining operations. Understanding that the mining industry is not ‘one size fits all’ goes beyond the mining method or material extracted.” Mr. Penmetsa continues. “We know that adoption of new technology in the industry requires applications to meet the needs of the end user. That is what drives us to work with partners like Lhoist at a personal level. We worked with Collin to ensure that the app was configured to meet his standards. Happy users mean better data, after all.”

Mr. Rogers gave the customization process high grades. “In addition to having a tremendously powerful application, the rBA team has been exceptionally helpful in generating my vision and accommodating my specific needs.”

Mobile applications are here, and they can have a powerful impact on safety. Visit to explore rapidBizApps’ portfolio of apps that can help Digitize your operation.

About Lhoist:

Lhoist is the premier supplier of lime, limestone and other mineral products in the North American marketplace. Lhoist North America employs 1,500 people at over 50 facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

Driven by a passion for excellence and innovation, our employees’ diverse knowledge and cultural backgrounds constitute the strength of the Lhoist Group.

About rapidBizApps:

rapidBizApps (rBA)  is the leading provider of Productivity and Safety Software for Mining, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing companies. A privately held company in the heart of Silicon Valley, rBA harnesses the power of mobile computing to build workforce apps that accelerate its customers’ digital transformation. rBA partners with some of the world’s largest companies to help them streamline operations, cut costs, and work smarter. Designed for iOS, Android and Windows devices, rBA Apps and Software use the latest AI/ML-based Analytics, integrate with enterprise software such as OSIsoft Pi, SAP and Oracle, and leverage cloud-based infrastructures. rBA is an Amazon Technical Partner.

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