For years it has appeared that a mountain of paperwork and a massive headache were necessary for a safe and compliant workplace. In today’s blog we’ll look at rapidInspect, a digital inspection software capable of keeping your workplace safer and more compliant than ever. Without the headache.


rapidInspect Mobile and Desktop Versions:

rapidInspect’s cross-platform capability makes it a perfect tool for inspections. From the mobile version, workers can conduct OSHA compliant inspections 100% digitally. When conducting these inspections, rapidInspect automatically pull geographic data and allows for photo uploads. If an inspection uncovers a hazard, all relevant personnel are automatically notified. From the desktop version supervisors can keep a 360 degree view of industrial safety. They can also use the built in form builder to create custom forms to suit their exact needs.


Built in Form Builder:

Customization is key when it comes to your industrial safety. That’s why rapidInspect comes with a powerful drag and drop form builder to create any necessary forms that don’t come built in. Simply create the form and press submit and it’s instantly available to everyone who needs it.


OSHA Compliant Recordkeeping:

Even though safety goes beyond compliance, you still have to stay compliant. That’s why rapidInspect features 100% OSHA compliant digital recordkeeping. Every time you fill out a form or complete an inspection a unique identifier code is automatically generated. Additionally, forms are easy to sort through due to various sorting capabilities as well as search. Finally, the days of digging through filing cabinets are over.


To learn more about rapidInspect, or to get started today, click here.