Everyone wants to get home safe. For that to happen, mines need to do everything they can to drive a high level of safety performance. In today’s blog we’ll take a look at a few of our best tips to keep everyone safe and productive.


Stay Alert and Ask Questions:

Mining is not a line of work for the unattentive, this is especially true when it comes to safety. Both miners and managers alike need to give tasks their undivided attention and work to eliminate distractions. Even more importantly, miners need to look out for each other, if a worker sees someone else in a dangerous situation, no matter how many times they’ve completed this task before, they need to act. Miners also can’t be afraid to ask questions. If they aren’t sure they understand a rule or procedure or they’re unsure whether something is a hazard, taking the time to ask the question is worth the return of added safety. Managers and supervisors need to make this abundantly clear to workers so they feel comfortable pointing out potential hazards and asking about things they are unsure about. 


Take Near Misses Seriously:

A near miss needs to be more than a moment that everyone breathes a sigh of relief and moves on. A near miss is a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. In fact, the national safety council concluded that 75% of all accidents are preceded by near misses. That means that 75% of accidents could have been prevented by taking a near miss seriously. It’s a big deal. A 75% accident reduction would be a massive boost to any mine’s overall safety performance.


Plan Ahead but Be Ready to Adjust Plans:

Supervisors make plans for a reason and it’s important that those plans are followed, an organized mine is a safer mine. However, it’s also important that as new data comes in throughout the shift, such as downed equipment or delayed/advanced tasks, supervisors adapt and release adjustments to plans. This is where SIC becomes incredibly important. Digital systems like groundHog provide real time data and allow for tasks to be updated and distributed to miners quickly and digitally.


Digitize Inspections:

Everyone knows inspections are one of the most important things you can do to keep the mine safe. However, many mines have seriously flawed inspections. Part of this stems from doing everything on paper, this makes proper documentation, including pictures and exact (GPS) locations impossible. Additionally, the time it takes to move paper means that resolving hazards takes far longer. Using groundHog’s built in digital inspections, technicians can instantly notify everyone of hazards, document them thoroughly and take action swiftly, either on their own or by scheduling a task.


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