One step further than Excel and paper as a 5000-23 management solution is the addition of pictures. This can be valuable as it allows for the forms themselves to be stored digitally. Therefore, using Excel + Paper + pictures is a clunky, yet somewhat functional alternative to fully digitizing certificate management.


Transitioning to Digital 5000-23 Management With Pictures:

The addition of pictures to a semi-digital training management system allows for a greater degree of accessibility for operators. This means that operators can be slightly more prepared for audits and can, to some degree, be responsible for their own training management. However, A system that relies on this system can quickly become complicated. Oftentimes it is very clunky from an operational standpoint. 


The Disadvantages of Excel + Pictures + Paper:

This system packs all the complexity and training requirements of even the most complex digitized systems in to a solution that provides few of the benefits. You’ll have to bring office staff/H&S personnel up to speed on using your new system but you’ll still have to struggle with lapses in training and messy organization. Finally, without the ability to have a 360 degree view of all training of all training, ensuring compliance is impossible.

To learn more about the better alternative, cerTrax, click here.


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