This Christmas give yourself and your mine the gift of a 40% boost in production. All it takes is a new fleet management system, groundHog. In today’s blog we’ll look at why groundHog needs to be in your mine by the time New Year’s roles around.


Straightforward Scheduling:

groundHog makes production scheduling incredibly easy, yet allows for deep customization. By making use of the capability matrix, supervisors are easily able to assign the correct operators to the correct equipment for the correct task. This makes scheduling a breeze and ensures that supervisors have access to all relevant data whenever necessary.


Integrated Inspections:

Quality equipment maintenance is a necessity when it comes to keeping productivity high. That’s why groundHog has fully-integrated digital inspections. Digital inspections are not only more efficient but they make it easier to stay on top of issues and rectify them as necessary. Furthermore, the inspection features of groundHog integrate fully with both the tracking and scheduling features. This makes it incredibly simple to manage even the largest of fleets.


Real-Time Tracking:

By tracking the exact location of equipment and other assets, shifts can be optimized in real-time. Nothing will ever go exactly according to plan but with groundHog, you don’t have to slow down. Thanks to full integration between tracking and scheduling, supervisors can ensure that slack is picked up whenever necessary and keep things running smoothly despite any bumps along the way.


Advanced Analytics:

Data is key. groundHog makes sure you have all the data you need to make well-informed decisions. By automatically generating end of shift statistics and presenting them in an easy to understand manner, groundHog makes constant improvement a very attainable goal for mines.


To give your mine the fleet management system available this Christmas, click here.