A good learning management system is about a lot more than compliance. Because a good LMS means that you will see improvement in both productivity and safety. In today’s blog we’ll go over exactly why choosing a good LMS is critical, and we’ll take a look at cerTrax.



With a good LMS, nobody will end up working on something they aren’t properly trained to work on. While this seems simple, allowing training to slide through the cracks is a realistic possibility. Especially without the help of a good system. Additionally, proper use of a good system will ensure everyone in the workplace has a solid baseline training that will keep them thinking safer at all times. 



A good learning management system ensure a productivity boost in two ways. The first way being the elimination of lapses in training that cause slowdowns. By offering an easy way to manage certificates, it’s easy to keep everything up to date. The second key aspect is the ability to create a multi-skilled workforce. This means more time invested in training. However, it will absolutely payoff when workers are shorthanded. It will making it much easier to shuffle around jobs to make sure everything happens that needs to. By ensuring everyone has base-level skills in a variety of areas, slow downs can be eliminated.



cerTrax is the best way to ensure a boost in both productivity and safety. By providing a simple interface for certificate management, it’s easy to stay on top of renewals. Additionally, the simple course designer means that you can tailor the training to be exactly what you need. Finally, cerTrax can be used to manage everyone on the job site training. This includes contractors, vendors and regular workers. This is critical as it ensures that both productivity and safety and at a high level consistently. To get started with cerTrax today, click here.