Safety is critical to every mining or industrial operation. At the heart of a high safety standard is quality inspections. The best way to ensure consistent, high quality inspections? GroundHog EHS. In this blog we’ll break down exactly why you need to be entering the new year armed with GroundHog EHS.


Digitized Inspections:

With fully customizable inspection templates, the process of digitizing your inspections is straightforward and it’s definitely worth it. Digital inspections not only increase the quality of inspections, but they make filing and reporting substantially easier. GroundHog EHS is also packed full of features like automatic location recording, digital inspections are the first step in making your mine safer.


Hazard Notifications and Geographic Overview:

When hazards are found, it’s crucial that they are handled correctly. That’s why GroundHog EHS comes with automatic hazard notifications and a geographic overview of hazards in the mine. This allows supervisors to coordinate effective rectification of any hazards as soon as they appear. It also ensures that a clear 360 degree of mine safety is available all the time.


Built-In Form Builder:

We understand the importance of a tailored safety management process. That’s why our built in form builder allows for the quick creation of detailed inspection templates. Additionally, the quick drag and drop interface paired with the speed of a digital software means that you can create and distribute a new inspection template to operators in as little as five minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


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