It’s that time of year. Lights are going up and trees are being decorated. Maybe this year it’s time to consider giving your team the gift of an upgraded training management system. This year, the hottest gift of the season in the industry will be cerTrax. Here’s why.


Manage Competency Levels:

Workers should never perform a task they aren’t properly trained to complete. That’s why competency levels are critical. cerTrax allows for the manual creation of competency level groups. This makes it easy to manage assignments based on who is qualified to perform which task.


Administer Task Training:

Even more important than knowing who possesses what certifications is the training itself. That’s why we built cerTrax a with powerful and simple integrated task training. Trainers can both create and administer single or multi-day courses, all from within the app. Once training is complete, cerTrax automatically generates MSHA/OSHA compliant certificates and updates the training file for all relevant personnel.


Manage Employee, Contractor and Vendor Certificates:

Managing an entire workplace of certificates is a nightmare, especially if you’re doing it wrong. However, with cerTrax it doesn’t have to be. cerTrax digitally stores and sorts every employee, contractor and vendor certificate. Even more importantly, when a certificate is expiring soon cerTrax automatically notifies trainers. This makes it so you’ll never have another accidental lapse in certificates causing a slow-down at work.


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