At groundHogApps our primary goal is to push the hard hat industries forward. That’s why this New Year we’re offering you the cerTrax Essentials Package 100% free of charge. We won’t sit here and tell you that it includes everything you could possibly need, because it doesn’t. However, we will tell you how you can get every last bit out of the free version. If it isn’t the right time for you to upgrade, that’s ok. It’s important to start your company’s digital transformation ASAP, though. Otherwise, the risk of being left behind only grows. Here are two tricks to make the cerTrax essentials package work for you.


Take Advantage of Expiration Notices:

The most simple, and most helpful way to get the most from the cerTrax essentials package is with the expiration notices. This is one of the most helpful features in terms of ensuring that you don’t have any slip ups that cost you. A lapse in training is a good way to get a hefty fine and expiration notices are a super easy way to avoid them. All you need to do is make sure to set them up. To make sure expiration notices are running, simply add all existing training data into cerTrax and you’ll automatically receive 30, 60 and 90 day expiration notices. There is absolutely no easier way to avoid expensive slip-ups.


Digitize ALL Documents:

It may seem like a good idea to save time and not digitize all your 5000-23s and MSHA Part 46s. That’s a terrible idea. By not adding all of your documents to cerTrax you’re missing out on both expiration notices and the ability to sort through files incredibly quickly. This saves massive amounts of time and effectively eliminates the paper based slip-ups that plague training/health and safety personnel constantly.


By taking these two steps, you’ll be getting a LOT of value from a free piece of software. If you find that the free software has been making an impact in your operations you may want to consider upgrading to one of the two paid versions of cerTrax. The time to invest is different for everyone, to make a more educated decision about when it’s the right time for you, click here.


To get your free copy of the cerTrax Essentials Package, click here.

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