groundHog’s powerful Short Interval Control, Fleet Management, Location Tracking and Shift Planning features alone are enough to boost your mine’s productivity. However, to take your usage of groundHog to the next level, it can be useful to take advantage of the more advanced features it offers. In today’s blog we’ll look at how you can get more out of groundHog, with the Replay, Reflect, and Rhythm features.

groundHog’s SIC and Fleet Management System’s REFLECT module


Replay is a feature built into groundHog’s OpsCenter. It is primarily used for performing data audits and analyzing scenarios.

Replay continuously logs all actions performed on the Operator and Supervisor tablets and allows supervisors and dispatch to replay exactly what an operator was doing with groundHog in a step by step event log, or a video replication. This unique capability allows supervisors to conduct an in-depth analysis of productivity down to an individual level. With this tool, mines can better understand where individuals are most productive and how to get the most out of their personnel. This is even more useful for performing cycle time and congestion analysis. 


Reflect is a proprietary groundHog infrastructure that allows Supervisors and Dispatchers at the OpsCenter to start a secure “Remote Desktop” into any operator’s Tablet or SmartPhone. It is used for training and debugging purposes. The OpsCenter picks a tablet/SmartPhone to Reflect into by requesting access. When the Operator grants access, the groundHog Operator App screen is streamed in real-time to the OpsCenter. The OpsCenter uses this to assist the Operator to perform their next steps. 


Using reflect, supervisors can monitor operators usage of groundHog as it happens instead of reviewing a historical log. This gives supervisors a more thorough understanding of what is going on in the mine at all times. Additionally, this creates another layer of accountability for operators.


Rhythm removes another veil from data in the world of mining. Oftentimes, the accuracy of data can come into question because it isn’t always clear what is current and trustworthy.

Rhythm provides supervisors with a simple interface to track when each tablet has been online, and the completeness of data from each groundHog Operator Tablet being used in the shift. Each time an operator tablet comes back online, the information is updated and it becomes visible in Rhythm.

With the power of Replay, Reflect and Rhythm, mine supervisors can take a more active role in real-time monitoring of the mine. This reduces the chance of a lapse in productivity due to inaccurate/unavailable information and it gives the basis for more informed decision making at a short-term level. To learn more about groundHog or to request a demo, Click Here.


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