In the 21st century the need for business intelligence tools extends to nearly every industry. That means that decisions like which data visualisation tool to invest in are becoming increasingly relevant. Especially for heavy industry. In today’s blog we’ll look at two of the hottest data visualisation tools available.



Tableau packs similarly powerful visuals to Power Bi. However, Tableau allows users to upload as many data points as they want, whereas Power BI caps data points at 3500. This means that anyone working with larger data sets will need to consider Tableau. It also comes with the ability to connect to a distinct warehouse easily and with great support. Tableau also offers excellent customer service in terms of the ability to have a person assist you as opposed to a help center. 


Tableau is overall the better software. However, with a much larger price tag smaller operations may want to consider Power BI unless they have needs specific to Tableau.


Power BI:

Aside from a 3500 data point limit, Power BI offers excellent visuals and comes at a much nicer price. Additionally, if you plan to work with the Microsoft portfolio, Power BI offers seamless support, making it an excellent option. One shortcoming of Power BI is the lack of accessible customer service. Power BI offers a vast collection of self-help resources but leaves some to be desired when it comes to speaking with an actual representative.


Power BI is an ideal solution if you are running on a budget and you don’t need to work with massive amounts of data.


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