rapidBizApps Partners with ConnectMine to Digitize Mining Operations in Peru

Lima, Peru & San Jose, California July 12, 2019

rapidBizApps is partnering with ConnectMine to bring industry-leading Production Control and Health and Safety software to mining operations in Peru. 

In an era where a majority of mining operations and mining contractors making a big push towards going Digital to remain competitive and survive, ConnectMine will leverage its deep insights in the Peruvian Mining market to assist Mine Operators and Contractors undertake and execute their Digital Transformation strategy to boost productivity safely and efficiently. 

“Going Digital is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a must-have,” says Cesar Benavides, CEO of Connect Mine. “Digital Transformation has yielded huge benefits to companies like Barrick, Rio Tinto, Vale, and Dundee. It is even more important for mine operators and contractors, especially here in Peru, to go Digital or else succumb to competition. rapidBizApps’ portfolio of products and services are perfect for the needs of the mine operators and contractors here in Peru and have an excellent value for money”.

Mining sector players have long lamented the lack of technological innovation and implementation that many observers say is 30 years behind the technology curve. 

“Our vision is to see every mine digitized, where every miner is connected, informed, and empowered with data to make the right decisions and actions that lead to more efficient operation and a safer work environment. Our mission is to provide mining operations with a portfolio of solutions that help mines achieve this shared vision of a data-driven, highly efficient and safer mine” says Satish Penmetsa, CEO of rapidBizApps.

“With a shared vision of a digitized and more productive workplace, we aim to bring a new era of prosperity to mining operations in Peru by incorporating cutting-edge technology produced in Silicon Valley and battle-tested in the mines and quarries in Nevada, Colorado, Alaska, and Canada to overcome most of the productivity and safety barriers commonly encountered in Peru” said VP or Products and Services, Aniket Sawant. “Small changes have already yielded huge benefits that everybody in the industry can replicate using our technology solutions” 

 “Our off-the-shelf products are designed to help mines, quarries and aggregates accelerate their digital transformation, the ability to configure and customize those products to seamlessly integrate to fit each customer’s needs is crucial for mining operations. Understanding that the mining industry is not ‘one size fits all’ goes beyond the mining method or material extracted.” Mr. Penmetsa continues. “We know that the adoption of new technology in the industry requires applications to meet the needs of the end-user. That is what drives us to work with partners like ConnectMine that have a deep understanding of the market and nuances that make our software significantly more compelling and valuable to the Peruvian market”

“We see a massive opportunity for growth here in Peru. With some of the largest underground mining operations in the world, a majority of which still use paper and excel based processes, we expect Digital Transformation to yield huge benefits. And these benefits of Digitization need not be limited to the mining majors, even small mine operators and mining contractors can yield tremendous productivity and safety benefits. Visibility to their underground operations has and continues to be a huge struggle for each of the operations that have not adopted digital technologies. This is why rapidBizApps’ technology stack that includes Peer-to-Peer Networks for underground enables their solutions to work seamlessly underground. We chose to work with rapidBizApps because they specialize in Underground Mine Technologies and are extremely responsive to customer needs” said Cesar

“As a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, we leverage cutting edge technology and secure cloud-based infrastructures to disrupt entrenched FMS providers by focusing on the underground mining sector, and mining contractors. Our peer-to-peer networking capability along with our online/offline mode support with auto-sync differentiates us from our competition” said Krishna Kunam, CTO of rapidBizApps. “We also strongly believe that all the data generated at a mine belongs to the mine, and should be available to them for free. Our microservice-based architecture with open APIs allows all of our software products to integrate with any other software provider – for example, you can create your own PowerBI and Tableau reports from our software if you choose to. These APIs also allow our software to seamlessly connect with leading mine planning software, and with SAP and Oracle Financials — a win-win for everybody”  he said.

rapidBizApps’ portfolio of applications includes groundHog – for Short Interval Control, Fleet Management, and Real-Time Location Tracking for Underground MInes; rapidInspect for Health and Safety Inspections, Workplace Inspections, and pre-start equipment inspections; cerTrax for managing training, certificates, and permits for Training Compliance purposes. 

About ConnectMine:

Specializing in mine integration, ConnectMine is perfect partners for digitizing the mines of Peru at low costs. Not only do they have years of experience in the area, their core philosophies of strong security, maximized production and reducing costs make them a leader in the Peruvian Mining industry. 

More information is available at www.connectmine.com

 About rapidBizApps:

rapidBizApps (rBA)  is the leading provider of Productivity and Safety Software for Mining, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing companies. A privately held company in the heart of Silicon Valley, rBA harnesses the power of mobile computing to build workforce apps that accelerate its customers’ digital transformation. rBA partners with some of the world’s largest companies to help them streamline operations, cut costs, and work smarter. rBA’s customers include some of the largest gold mining operators and equipment providers. Designed for iOS, Android and Windows devices that work in an online/offline mode, rBA Apps and Software use the latest AI/ML-based analytics, integrate with enterprise software such as OSIsoft Pi, SAP, and Oracle Financials, and leverage cloud-based infrastructures. rBA is an Amazon Technical Partner and also a Couchbase Partner. 

More information is available at www.rapidBizApps.com.

Additional information: 


The groundHog is a state-of-the-art Short Interval Control, Fleet Management and Real-Time Location Tracking system capable of providing massive boosts in productivity. At only a fraction of the cost of competitors, groundHog is sure to provide a high return on investment. groundHog combines enhanced production scheduling, digitized data collection, automated inspections, real-time tracking and analytics to provide a 360-degree view of all operations, above ground or underground. This ensures that changes can be made throughout the day using short interval control, optimizing productivity at every step of the way. With a simple plug and play interface, groundHog is a quick and affordable solution for mines of all sizes and needs.


cerTrax is an application used by mines, quarries, oil & gas, construction and anyone else that needs to manage training and forms. cerTrax ensures complete compliance, safety, and productivity by monitoring the training and permits of everyone on a site. That includes employees, contractors, and vendors. Through cerTrax’s simple interface supervisors can keep track of any expiring certs or training and even administer it directly through the app. With three pricing options, there is a version of cerTrax that will work for every situation.


rapidInspect is a digital inspection app built on the premise that safety goes far beyond compliance. Not only does cerTrax automatically produce MSHA compliant records, but it also has a fully integrated safety share and geographic hazard tracking to promote widespread safety culture in the workplace.