rapidBizApps Opens New Office in Singapore

rapidBizApps opens new office in Singapore

Singapore and San Jose, California July 24, 2019

rapidBizApps is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Singapore, a move that reflects the company’s expanding reach in the Asia Pacific. The new office, which is the US-based company’s second in the region is set to service Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Marine operations in Southeast Asia and Australia.

“Over the past couple of years, we have had a lot of inquiries for our expertise in Digital Transformation of Mining and Oil & Gas operations – operations that also use our groundHog, rapidInspect, and cerTrax Products and Professional Services. Our expansion in Singapore is a strategic investment to seamlessly provide our experience and expertise to customers in these regions” said Satish Penmetsa, CEO of rapidBizApps. “Singapore, being a hub for companies in this sector and its geographical proximity to some of the largest green-field and brown-field operations in the world, allows us to better serve the needs of our customers,” said Harsha Shinde, Regional Sales Manager at rapidBizApps.

The Singapore office will primarily focus on bringing rapidBizApps’ portfolio of Production Control, Workplace Safety, and Productivity software for Hard-Hat industries in the target regions. With an emphasis on aiding companies through setup, integration, and support, an office in the region aims to provide clients with everything they need to complete a successful digital transformation. rapidBizApps also hopes to partner with mine integration companies & technology companies throughout Asia.

“Going Digital is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a must-have to be able to continue to survive in this hyper-competitive market. Our base in Silicon Valley allows us to tap into emerging technologies early and apply them to solve problems in the industries we serve” said Krishna Kunam, CTO or rapidBizApps. “Our customers love us because of our laser-like engineering focus on Usability Design, Quality and Speed to Market”

“We feel that it is time to bring our digital solutions to the hardhat industries of Southeast Asia. An office in this region is essential for ensuring our customers have the best possible support. As a company, we always want to be there when we’re needed and an office in Singapore puts us in direct reach of every company in the region. Regardless of the scale of the operation, we are certain that rapidBizApps can ensure a more productive, safe and efficient workplace” said Harsha Shinde, Senior Account Manager at rapidBizApps.

rapidBizApps also hopes to partner with mine integration companies throughout Asia, similar to their successful partnerships with ConnectMine in Peru and Inzy in Zambia, to boost their efforts to Digitally Transform their operations.

For more information on rapidBizApps’ Singapore office, visit www.rapidBizApps.com

Media Contact:
Name: Bradley Leonard
Phone: +1(408)647.3050
Email: bleonard@rapidbizapps.com
Press Kit: www.rapidbizapps.com/news

Singapore Sales Contact:
Name: Harsha Shinde
Phone: +65 9103 6611
Email: harsha.shinde@rapidbizapps.com

USA Sales Contact:
Name: Satish Penmetsa,
Phone: +1. (408)647.3050.
Email: satish.penmetsa@rapidbizapps.com

About rapidBizApps:

rapidBizApps (rBA) is the leading provider of Productivity and Safety Software for Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing companies. A privately held company in the heart of Silicon Valley, rBA harnesses the power of mobile computing to build workforce apps that accelerate its customers’ digital transformation. rBA partners with some of the world’s largest companies to help them streamline operations, cut costs, and work smarter. rBA’s customers include Barrick, NetApp, and other large companies. Designed for iOS, Android and Windows devices that work in an online/offline mode, rBA Apps and Software use the latest AI/ML-based analytics, integrate with enterprise software such as OSIsoft Pi, SAP and Oracle, and leverage cloud-based infrastructures. rBA is an Amazon Technical Partner and a Couchbase Partner.