rapidBizApps is now groundHogApps! After seven fantastic years serving the hard-hat industries as rapidBizApps, it’s time for us to begin the next chapter in our story, as groundHogApps. Keep reading to learn why we’re making this transition, and more importantly, what you can expect from us in the future.


Why groundHogApps:

Our type priority is to digitize the hard-hat industries and drive them towards the future. To do that, our brand needs to align with both customer values and our own values. While rapidBizApps has been a name that served us well, groundhog better represents what we and the customers we serve stand for. The groundhog is an animal known for its digging abilities. While we serve a much larger client base than just mining, the spirit of the groundHog is applicable to every hardhat industry. An animal that grows teeth four times as fast as humans, the groundHog has adapted because it consistently works at a rate that even it’s own body struggles to keep up with. We know that the groundhog fits right in with us and our clients. That’s why today, we are groundHogApps.


What’s Changing?:

More than just our name is changing. With a gaze towards the future, we’ll be placing an increased focus on serving every facet of the hard-hat industries, not just mining. While we will always be a company that started as a mining software company, we have become, and will continue to be, so much more than that. Given that universal applications of software like cerTrax, we see an opportunity to increase compliance and safety for all heavy industry. With an unwavering vision, we’ll continue to be the best company we can be, as groundHogApps.


What Are Our Plans For the Future?:

In terms of long-term vision. Our plans are the same that they’ve always been. Everything we do is still centered around helping companies of all sizes and industries harness the power of modern technology, specifically but not limited to mobile computing. Moving forward as groundHogApps, we’ll provide the same cutting-edge technology and world-class service to our clients.

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