Keeping OSHA compliant is critical in the world of industry. Even more important is keeping employees safe. Of course, the best way to boost industrial safety is with GroundHog EHS. In today’s blog we’ll break down why every plant manager needs to look into GroundHog EHS today.


Digital Workplace Inspections:

Improve the quality and accountability of safety inspections with a fully digital inspection process. Plant Managers and Supervisors can create a fully customized digital inspection template or use existing inspection templates and share it with their crew. Additionally, GroundHog EHS automatically collects geographic data on hazards and notifies all relevant personnel when a hazard appears. Additionally, this keeps the workplace safe and it ensures problems are addressed swiftly.


Form Builder:

Customization is key when it comes to your industrial safety. That’s why GroundHog EHS comes with a powerful drag and drop form builder to create any necessary forms that don’t come built in. Simply create the form and press submit and it’s instantly available to everyone who needs it.


Hazard Detection and Notifications:

Identify and document hazards and instantly communicate critical issues or severe injury risks in real-time to prevent productivity stalling. GroundHog EHS gives supervisors a 360 degree view by mapping out all hazards. This allows them to allocate resources in the most efficient way possible to increase the overall safety of the workplace.


To learn more about GroundHog EHS, or to get started today, click here.


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