In the mining/hard hat industries, as with every other industry, the only true constant is change. For an industry dominated by people who would fit the “old-school” stereotype, that may not be welcome news. While the go-get em attitude and old-fashioned work ethic that these folks typically have isn’t going to become less useful, it won’t be enough on its own anymore. 2020 is going to mark a turning point for industrial digitization. This is going to be the year that companies need to decide if they want to be around for the next decade or not. In today’s blog we’ll break down the level of urgency that companies should be feeling going into the new year. 


40% More for Them Means You’re 40% Behind:

Do you know how much a fleet management system can boost your mine’s total production? Around 40%. It’s easy to say “alright, 40%, but it’s expensive and we’re doing well anyways.” The issue with this kind of thinking is the competition will, if they haven’t yet, decide to invest in new tech. This means that you’re now 40% behind. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of adapting to new tech in a changing industry, but when you look at the numbers, you just can’t argue with the difference it makes. That’s why more and more mines are looking to software like GroundHog SIC, and that’s why you should be too.


Safety and Regulatory Compliance:

Everybody wants to go home safe, and the good news is, the industry is pretty much in agreement on that. Unfortunately, it’s easy to settle for being “pretty safe” when being safer is a bit more expensive. What people often forget, is that being unsafe is actually substantially more expensive. Not only are you risking severe damage to morale, but you’re risking hefty fines from regulatory bodies like OSHA and MSHA. As technology allows for a higher degree of safety, regulations rise to ensure companies are doing everything they could be doing. That’s why the investment in digital inspection softwares like GroundHog EHS or training and compliance management software like cerTrax is worth every penny.


Don’t Become That Company:

It’s a tale as old as business. X Company goes through a period of great success and when they see a plateau or decline, refuse to adapt to the changing times. What we don’t always talk about the period where they could have recovered but didn’t. The period of time between the plateau and the end. As soon as they started to decline and refused to adapt to whatever changes were relevant to their industry, that company was marked. No one wants to work for the company that isn’t going to last. If you want top talent working for you, there has to be some promise of security. Showing a willingness to look towards the future is a great way to do that.


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