40%. That’s not a number to shake your head at, especially when it comes to total production from a mine. However, the cost of digitizing / SIC often drives mines to settle for good enough. Unfortunately, good enough isn’t going to be good enough for much longer. Since we’ve already addressed why your mine needs that 40%, in today’s blog we’ll talk about the three main areas it’s coming from.


Real-Time Monitoring and Management with SIC:

At the heart of a successful mine is good planning and an even better ability to adapt. That’s why SIC products like groundHog make both a breeze. With features like a capability and effectiveness matrix it’s easy to make sure the right people are always in the right place. Additionally, the real-time location tracking and communication features make it easy to make changes throughout the day and ensure all slack is picked up.


Fleet and Consumable Management:

The worst reason for a slowdown is a shortage of necessary consumables. Luckily, groundHog provides a simple interface for both consumable tracking and inspections. That means that maintaining safety and productivity at all times has never been easier!


Powerful Analytics:

At the end of the day, being able to look at in-depth analytics is key. By providing daily reports, groundHog enables high quality, data-driven decision making. By being able to see exactly what is working and what isn’t it becomes much easier to make informed scheduling and production decisions.


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