Mining digitization solutions and services

Why digitize mine operations?

Improve productivity

Enable digital field data capture and accelerate digitization. Digitize data capture with mobile technologies and have it automatically converted into intelligence. Gain valuable insights that help enhance operations. Reduce costs, find new productivity gains and help you save costs by digitizing operations.

Automated operations management

Rugged tablets or smartphones mounted in mining equipment enable supervisors to monitor the movement of the fleet in the mine and maximize utilization. Equipment health can also be monitored using operator inputs or automation. Sensors and tools are designed to inform and enhance operator and equipment safety.

Shorten downtimes

Inspection forms and parts books distributed via apps to machine shops help maintenance crew perform and track inspections, and maintain or repair equipment faster. The device's camera can be leveraged to have expert service technicians troubleshoot issues on the spot.


Digitizing underground mining whitepaper

Learn how to build a highly safe, productive and cost effective mine by digitizing critical components of the mining life-cycle.

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Mobile Solutions and Apps for Mining

Explore mobile solutions and apps. Fully customizable for your mining operations.

groundHog Dashboard


Fleet management and production control software optimized for use in underground mines.

  • Schedule, dispatch and track production performance from anywhere
  • Reduce variance in planned vs actual
  • Eliminate inefficient use of resources, reduce wastage
  • Manage fleet and consumables, improve cost control
  • Maximize safety and compliance
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Fleet maintenance software to allow managing and tracking heavy equipment maintenance and inspections from anywhere.

  • Track and manage inspections from anywhere
  • Create a customized digital process for enhanced maintenance and support
  • Empower technicians to conduct effective inspections
  • Maximize compliance with safety and maintenance contracts
  • Improve machine up-time
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App to track and manage fleet. Built for foremen, mine managers and supervisors



App to record and submit forms for operations and regulatory compliance



App to monitor water quality at tailing and other water bodies at a mine. Designed for ground water geologists.

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