As a quarry manager, there are two constant pressures. Keeping costs at a minimum and keeping employees safe. The new MSHA regulations are a step in the direction of keeping workers safer. Unfortunately, they tend to be a massive headache. Enter GroundHog EHS. GroundHog EHS is an easy to use digital inspection app. It generates MHSA compliant digital records, records hazards, and performs inspections; all from a smartphone or tablet. All of these capabilities, packed into three, simple to learn interfaces. The form builder, the scheduler, and the workflow manager.


Form Builder –

Supervisors or inspection teams leads use this easy-to-drag tool. Technicians then capture required information, upload media, and ensure all inspections are thorough and up-to-date. As a result, you won’t ever have to miss compliance. But above all, workers will be safe.


Scheduler –

Using the GroundHog EHS app or desktop client, supervisors send inspection requests to technicians. Then, technicians receive notifications regarding both upcoming inspections and their full schedule overview. In a network connected quarry, every team member gets the same information. Thus, managing inspections is very straightforward. Additionally, if a hazard is discovered, workers are notified via app.


Workflow Manager –

With GroundHog EHS, it’s easy to channel your fleet inspection expertise into a streamlined process. With the workflow builder, supervisors define steps that technicians must take before moving on to the next inspection stage. Slip-ups are eliminated and quarries can ensure a level of safety that has never before been possible.


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