Safety and compliance should be at the top of every company’s priority list and for the most part, they are. However, it isn’t always cheap to stay safe and compliant. Obviously in the long run this will only mean more fines, but when things are tight it’s easy to be shortsighted. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to maximize your industrial safety and remain compliant that are completely free. In today’s blog we’ll look at a few of our favorite ways to get boost industrial safety without spending a dime.


Build a Multi-Skilled Workforce:

Smart workers are safe workers. If you invest time into building a multi-skilled workforce then you’ll not only be able to increase productivity by eliminating slowdowns (for example, when someone has to call in sick and rescheduling is required) you’ll also increase overall safety. That’s because a multi-skilled workforce has a better overall understanding of how EVERYTHING in the workplace functions. This means that when something not directly within their specialization poses a hazard, they’ll be able to recognize and rectify it.


Reinforce the Basics:

Most of the hazards in a workplace are created by minor errors. These minor errors are best corrected by taking the time to reinforce safety basics. All it takes is a refresher course for every  employee a few times a year to really cement the safety fundamentals that can eliminate the majority of hazards easily.


Use the cerTrax Essentials Package for Free:

No matter how well trained your workforce is, there are still safety and compliance risks. The absolute best way to keep your workplace safe and compliant, thus avoiding fines, is to use cerTrax. Luckily, the cerTrax Essentials Package is now available for free. The cerTrax essentials package will eliminate the risk of lapses in training. Plus, it makes keeping track of 5000-23s, SOPs, Part 46s etc incredibly easy. With the essentials package you’ll be able to digitize all of your safety training data. Additionally, will receive 30, 60 and 90 day expiration notifications on every employee.


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