An issue as old as mining itself, “How can we know what is happening underground when we are on the surface?” Fortunately for the miners of today, technology has progressed a bit from the days of donkeys hauling carts through tunnels. The most important development in this area is short interval control. A digital implementation of SIC is capable of lifting the lid off of mines and giving levels of underground awareness that were previously unimaginable. In this blog we’ll touch on a few ways that you can support underground awareness in your mine using short interval control.


Real-Time Location Management:

Keeping track of both personnel and assets in an underground mine can prove challenging. However, by using real-time task monitoring and by placing wifi-tags or sensors on equipment, everything happening in the mine can be kept track of easily. This can have a massive effect on wasted time and down-time. Even ignoring the rest of the benefits of SIC, most mine managers would agree that eliminating wasted time and the ability to update tasks in real-time are massively useful and make it worth implementing SIC technology. 


Peer-to-Peer Data Transfer:

It may not be financially viable to install wifi in your mine. However, if you use good SIC tech solutions you can still receive the benefits. The thing to look for in short interval control solution for mines without wifi is p2p data transfer capabilities. This allows for whatever personnel would typically be moving about the mine to carry a tablet. This tablet collects data off of sensors and the tablets of miners. Then, when they reach wifi, this data becomes available to Supervisors. While it isn’t 100% real-time, many mines will find this to be a solution. It provides them with data often enough to make critical decisions that play a large role in boosting mining intensity.


Live Data Analytics:

Supervisors need to put data to good use as it reaches the surface, either via wifi or p2p. This means that supervisors need to make decision making based on recent data a priority. It also means that when choosing an SIC solution, it’s important to look for one that offers some sort of decision management or analytics system. With the help of a decision management system, supervisors can make the most educated and effective scheduling and management decisions possible. Thus ensuring that mining intensity is at a maximum and production goals are always met.


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