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What is formHound?

In our experience solving problems of wide-ranging organizations digitization of paper forms is the first step towards digital transformation journey of any operation. For the operations managers, formHound provides self-managed digitization and distribution of paper forms and enables remote team members to do the paperwork from anywhere and store it centrally at the tap of a button.

formHound users thank it for increased productivity, ease of access and being always accessible, formHound foster easier communication and teamwork on and beyond the field.

Self-Managed Digitization & Distribution of Paper Forms in 3 Easy Steps

Mobile Forms Software and Data Collection Solution

Customize & Create Form Templates

Get a free web account and build your own digital forms in an extremely easy-to-use form builder, or share the image of your paper form and we will digitize it for you.

formHound-Enterprise Form Builder Software

Share With Your Team

Invite your team members to download the app from app stores and share digitized forms with them.

Offline Mobile Forms App for Enterprise

Manage Submitted Forms

Get notified about form submission by your team, track and manage submitted forms on your administrator account.

Who uses formHound?

formHound Supervisors Persona

Build and share form templates with their crew

formHound Field Operators Persona

Record and submit forms digitally

One Platform for All Your Digitized Forms

formHound-Equipment Inspections


Perform equipment pre-ops and post-ops from your phone and tablets

formHound-Certificate of Training


Manage availability,
activation, expiration
and renewal of certificate
of training documents

formHound-Compliance Forms


Manage inspections and compliance
through digitized compliance forms

formHound-Health and Safety Forms


Digitize, distribute
and track health and safety forms submitted by your operators and shift supervisors

formHound-Work Orders


Digitize scheduled
and down maintenance work orders and manage approval workflow around them

formHound-Inventory Management


Digitize and manage the consumables
inventory records form.

Pick a Form Template- App Preview

Pick a templateto record yourobservation

Capture Observation Live-App Preview

Capture yourobservationlive

Auto Save Partially Filled Form-App Preview

App auto savespartially filledforms

App Works Without Internet

App workseven withoutinternet

Digitize forms. Reclaim time.