Digitization solutions for the construction industry

Gone are the days of punching paper. Build safer, better, and more profitably by eliminating busywork by moving away from manual work and paper-based processes towards real-time sharing of information and automated processes.

rapidBizApps offers a comprehensive portfolio of Effective Workplace Inspections, Safety Analytics and Productivity solutions for the construction industry to improve efficiency and profitability.


Risk Assessments, Safety Inspections, Pre-ops & Post-Ops, Real-Time Hazard Report

rapidInspect is a state-of-the-art Safety Analytics and Digital Workplace Inspection App for Mining Operations Inspection App built on the premise that safety goes far beyond compliance. Easy to implement in as little as 15 minutes, rapidInspect performs inspections of large and small equipment in the construction industry, records hazards and sends alerts using a tablet or mobile phone to the construction workers and/or their Supervisors. Corrective action is promptly taken. Workplace exam records are readily available to Construction Supervisors in compliance with regulatory body rules. Supervisors are also given powerful safety analytics and geographic hazard viewing to swiftly boost construction site safety.


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    Workplace Inspection App for Mining Operations


    Manage permits, certificates, forms, and training. All in one place

    Regulatory compliance is a top concern on the minds of every construction supervisor. To ensure compliance, cerTrax for construction is a must. cerTrax eliminates the possibility of someone operating equipment untrained in the workplace. Furthermore, with cerTrax, constructions companies can monitor the certificates and permits of everyone on site. Whether it’s contractors, vendors or employees, cerTrax keeps you compliant, safe and productive.

    Achieve & Maintain 100% Regulatory Compliance in Construction

    Ensure Regulatory Compliance

    Track Equipment Training

    Administer Equipment Training via App

    Manage Forms Digitally