Learning management systems are not all created equal. When it comes to something as important as safety training, cutting corners isn’t an option. In today’s blog we’ll break down why cerTrax is the best LMS available.


Superior LMS Customization:

Customization makes all the difference. When it comes to how well you can implement an LMS nothing beats being able to tailor your experience. That’s why cerTrax has a built in form builder. With a simple but powerful interface it’s easy to tailor your training to fit your exact needs. Thanks to the digital nature of cerTrax, as soon as you create new training, it’s instantly accessible to everyone who needs it.


Simple Certificate Management:

Keeping track of the training of every employee, vendor and contractor in the workplace isn’t easy. That’s why cerTrax has a simple interface to keep track of everyone’s certificate. 100% digital, 100% compliant. Additionally, expiration notifications make it easy to stay ahead of problems and avoid a lapse in training.


Straightforward Training:

Of course it’s important to consider the actual training aspect of an LMS. Fortunately, cerTrax has a simple training system that allows for trainers to conduct training 100% digitally. Upon completion cerTrax automatically generates certificates and files them away. Additionally, cerTrax allows for single or multi-day training, meaning you can truly make it work however you need it to.


To learn more about cerTrax, and to get started for a dime a day, click here.