Jr. Software Developer

We specialize in Digitizing Mines, Quarries, Aggregates and Plants. We thrive on extreme simplification ( extremely hard to do). Come join us to build awesome products.

  • The following experience is relevant to us:
  • Experience building a decently complex web app using Node.js, Angular.js or Backbone.js.
  • Experience with NoSQL (preferred) and SQL databases.
  • Good experience with Space and Time optimization algorithms.
  • Demonstrated good coding hygiene.
  • Personal projects that show an aptitude for engineering and product sense.
  • Demonstrated ability to work outside your comfort zone
  • Get stuff done…fast

What we care about most:

  • Given a business problem or a user scenario, can you design, build and deploy an appropriate Web App using the appropriate technology stack
  • That you really enjoy coding ( like us)

What you’ll work on:

One of our portfolio of products that are used to enhance Productivity and Safety in the Energy sector – specifically Mining.

  • GroundHog SIC Scheduler
  • GroundHog FMS
  • GroundHog Material Management
  • GroundHog Maintenance
  • GroundHog Digital EHS
  • GroundHog Training Management

To Apply:
In less than 500 characters, tell us what you are most proud of (hopefully something that has to do with a product you built, and why – and yes, we care about simplicity – from a user standpoint)
Add screenshots
A resume. Trim it to less than 1 page. We will not read what is on the second page. Seriously.
Send both to jobs@rapidBizApps.com

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