A new decade. A new chance to raise the bar further than ever before. However, the world is changing and without taking proper steps no one stands a real chance. In today’s blog we’ll look at what mines need to be doing to kick off the roaring 20s and usher in a new era of success.


Clearly Defined and Agreed Upon Targets:

It’s no secret that goal-setting, using informed and realistic targets, is the best way to set a company in the right direction. However, it’s so important that I’m including it in our top three tips for the new decade. Using all available data high level executives need to come up with primary goals that they can then pass all the way down to employees who can then be involved in the goal-setting process. This works for two reasons, when employees are involved in decisions they feel more in control and morale increases. Second, it will ensure that goals set are both realistic and important based on feedback from a perspective that is easy to overlook.


An Emphasis on Education in the Mine:

In an industry as competitive as mining, growing employees is massively important. In 2020 invest time into training employees in as many areas as possible. The value of a multi-skilled workforce cannot be overstated when it comes to something as schedule-intensive as mining. The ability to eliminate slow downs as slack is picked up by a multi-skilled workforce far outweighs the time it takes to ensure you have a well-educated workforce. In addition to productivity benefits, a more well-trained workforce is far safer and will be happier feeling even more confident in all of their work as well.


Leverage Technology as it Becomes Available:

The mining industry has reached, as every industry does, a time when it is becoming a necessity to adapt to new technology, or die out. The amount of new developments in areas like fleet management and safety/compliance is massive. By not getting in now, mines are shooting themselves in the foot. Below are three pieces of software we offer that provide massive boosts in productivity, safety and compliance.


groundHog SIC:

groundHog SIC is a mobile fleet management system optimized for underground mines. Designed to work out of the box, groundHog controls production. It also tracks and schedules the workforce, and delivers deep insights to increase process efficiency. Leverage groundHog SIC to build a mine that is highly efficient, safe and profitable.


cerTrax is a Safety Training and Compliance Management System for the Mining industry. It is used to track MSHA Part 48, Part 46, SOP & Task Training at worksites. Safety Managers and Trainers use cerTrax to perform job training and issue OSHA compliant certificates and MSHA compliant 5000-23s at the training site and to keep track of training records for Job and Site Safety and MSHA Compliance. Mine Operators and Contractors use cerTrax to ensure ever miner on site is properly trained by a competent trainer and manages up-level skills of their workforce.

GroundHog EHS:

GroundHog EHS is an Inspection App that ensures mines meet digital recordkeeping requirements. Easy to implement in as little as 15 minutes, GroundHog EHS performs inspections, records hazards and sends alerts. Workplace exam records are readily available in compliance with MSHA rules. Additionally, GroundHog EHS gives mine managers powerful safety analytics and geographic hazard viewing. In conclusion, GroundHog EHS was created on the principle that safety should extend beyond mere compliance.


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